Friday, 18 May 2012

Amnesia Radio Web Edit

Amnesia Radio Web Edit

Thursday, 17 May 2012

KDX Transmission EP And The Tale Of Two Funky Sisters

Title:Transmission EP
Label: Kusha Deep Music

If you could suspend your disbelief for a moment, allow yourself a moment
to breath without worry of what you need to be or where you need to be rushing too, and let us take you on a

It begins with a story about two sisters who have been around since time immemorial, one called Melody and her sister, Harmony.
Their tale is one of hitting the highest highs and the deepest lows, none of which they ever really had a choice in.
They would only be called upon when they were needed, to bring some magic to the everyday world that had turned, from a cool shade of blue to a duller shade of grey.

Once they were adored by from the caves of the world to Kings and Queens, Religions to the people who gave them 
their power. The real people who needed them the most, found comfort and some found inspiration which gave freedom and sometimes
success on grand levels. The sisters however would never really gain the same recognition as the people that made and gained the most from being blessed by them.

The rise of anything in this third dimensional reality that we share and revere, always has its downside.  While their rise to highest levels,
that this world could imagine had brought the most ecstasy and wonderment to anyone with an ear to listen to the sisters glory, there over useable and friendly persuasion began to lose favour. 

It was at this chaotic moment in the epoch of the worlds history that the sisters fell out of popularity and were imprisoned on charges of corruption and receiving expenses from the tax payers pocket to fund their lavish lifestyle.
These charges were never actually proved and rumour has it that they were set up so other people in higher ranks to escape the truth hand of justice.
The girls were locked away so long that subsequent  generations that came to bloom new nothing of the sisters, only what folklore had spoken of, 
and the occasional stumble across an old recording that could be found on an old listening system called the internet. 

This imprisonment had at first left the sisters bewildered, outraged and resentful, sometimes turning on each other, which they had never even dreamed of doing when they were in their heyday.
They would sit in their tiny cell wondering why, after they had served mankind for so long that they would be rewarded with such harsh treatment. For countless hours they would listen out for the possibility that they would be called upon again to bring some hope and light to a world that now thrived on other dark pleasures. 
There were attempts by brave individuals to break them free and relight the worlds ears but they would be laughed at or ridiculed for daring to bring 
such old ideas back into what had now become music. 
All it was now just one long sound frequency, which could only be described as electric noise, the kind you get when you turn an amp up so loud that it starts to crackle and pop and make your ears bleed.

The human ear had become so accustomed this that no one ever questioned it, everyone was still making the same money, the record companies and publishers and advertising companies all loved it because it was so cheap to make and could be thrown away within seconds of its release. The people who fronted this new sound were now part of the advertising industry like hoover sales people who came to your door and sold you a hoover and threw in the latest frequency release for the parents and kids to all say how cool it was.

They would all go out on a Friday and Saturday night and dance to the same sounds that they heard on the radio every day of the week every hour, 
and if the DJ didn't play it they would get very annoyed and show him how upset they were by walking off the dance-floor and going to the bar, where they could get their favourite drinks which aided the lack of hard thinking.

To make matters worse, people were eased by the other forms of pleasure and recreation, called T vision which allowed you to watch anything you wanted at any time you wanted. 
This was a great way of showing you the same program over and over again, just different faces in it doing the different things but amounting up to the same thing. 
People now watched other people doing the most everyday things, which was now the new entertainment and everyone loved it because it was real life and that made us happy that other people were stranger than us. Everyone was happy as this was also cheap to make, and no one said anything, because we did not want to look like we were rocking the boat or standing out from the the majority.

It was at this point that a spark of human ingenuity made the tide turn, everyone knew something was wrong though they couldn't really name it. Some people felt it, and this gave rise to small groups coming together, usually away from where anyone could see them, they would light fires, and talk about how strange they were feeling, some people even brought things to play, which had also been frowned upon.
Books started to circulate and the groups got bigger, until eventually someone called the sisters, quite by mistake one night. Someone had brought one of these instruments along and began to sing and within an instant Melody and Harmony were freed and back where they should be lifting peoples spirits and inspiring them to better and greater things.

The groups now got bigger as a result of this new resurgence in this old technique called music, which alerted the authorities that something was up, and down the thunder rained.
It was backed up by the media and the rest of the population saw these Music lovers as nothing but trouble makers, that became outcasts from society. Most of the people involved 
with the breakaway scene were called Free Feelers, living live like it was meant to be, in tune with another forgotten structure called nature.

During the time when Melody and Harmony were imprisoned an group calling itself KDX broke away with what the established order were decreeing and made some music which they called Transmission.
It told the tale of the two sisters and how things had got to a point where were needed to bring them back, before we lost of sense of all the was great about being alive and being part of this amazing place we called earth.
The Transmission EP consisted of three finely tuned tracks, which had the greatest sense of dance vibration mixed with the two great sisters and a story of how we finely switched off the madness of the world and found some peace through the use of Amnesia. That being the title track to the the EP followed by another dance track called Seize The Night.  
That track would have people dancing in forests around the world spreading the message of one love, and taking the chance to be who you choose to be in this game of life. 
The last track Forever In A Heartbeat is a classic tale of allowing love to guide you throughout the storms and once again returns to the theme of making the moment last as you choose it to be.

They were also remixes which helped spread the good word in a style they called in the early part of the 21st century Dubstep, a music that use various drum patterns and baselines to achieve a state of Euphoria, though this mix stayed true to the the sisters also.
The instrumental mixes remained loyal and legend has it, that it was such a cool sound, it was featured in various films that also choose to break the rules and make something memorable.

The time is now and you have the power to choose to be part of the revolution to keep the spirit of real music alive by supporting labels and artists that are out there fighting the good fight. 
Will you get involved now by downloading the EP or watch 
our two sisters fade into obscurity, The Choice is yours! 

Transmission is available through ITUNES now