Monday, 1 August 2011

Kusha Deep Release The Tune Of The Summer!

Label: Kusha Deep Music
Title: If I Could Be Your Pill
Artist: KDX

Bring back the moment in your mind, when dance music was all about euphoria and unwavering positivity. The uplifting message to reach out for the endless possibilities and meeting like minded souls in clubs in London and Ibiza, who would then become friends for life, made the scene the biggest thing since the love in summer of 1967.
Bring on the 21st century and a decade passed where music changed from being about passion to an obsession with bling culture, style over content and with production straight from the wallet, you could be mistaken for thinking that the top ten was made in the same bedroom by the same person. Rest easy though because all is not lost.
Enter KDX, a UK team incorporating Darragh J Brady, Music Producer and Proprietor of the Kusha Deep Music label and Dean J.Stapple who runs the XRG label responsible for number one sample packs.

Darragh has a dance track record having scored hits by Taste of Paradise with a track called Reach Out released by the classic Cooltempo label that reached the UK chart in the early 90’s. Following that, Darragh had hits with Bliss, Urban Harmonix feat Rachel Brown of Faithless and Groove Armarda. He has also created records under his own name of Dar.Ra producing a more organic Soul Rock crossover that he calls Roul Music.
The team hooked up after Dean asked Darragh to make a stripped down version of his debut solo album Soul Hours, a completely live album cut down in 8 bar loops which so far has been a well received producer album on the biggest download outlet in the world for dance music loops.

Dean decided it was time to turn out a full tune, rather than the 8 bar loop tip and called in the help of Darragh for a new dance track that he had put together. Darragh then put pen to paper and worked out the song with his trusty guitar and Be Your Pill was born.
Some intense studio sessions gave birth to what is being called a modern dance classic. Bringing the euphoric vibe of 90’s house music scene mixed with 21st century production techniques is key to the KDX sound. The vocals written and performed by Darragh are more about being the lift for someone in their hour of need to take them out of the dark and into the light then being about misuse of substances.

The music is anthemic from the open big synth riffs and then builds into a hands in the air chorus, big groove and take you there arrangements. The radio mix delivers as does the extended vocal club mix. There is also a dubby remix which just powers along with trance like hedonism. A tight production all the way!
Available through all digital platforms!
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